Hatton & Berkeley provide professional business services to financiers, producers, distributors and rights holders internationally.

We believe that beyond providing a wide variety of integrated services, we are here to advise, protect and ensure the media industry continues to cater new and exciting opportunities.


Transparent and easy to understand media financing. We assist fund managers, distributors and executive producers worldwide to raise and deploy capital into the creative industries.


We are a vertically integrated company that provides completion guarantor services to international film and TV producers worldwide.


Hatton & Berkeley has a long history of providing accounting and tax services to the financial services sector. Our professional advisors are ex studio and film financiers, hence have a deep understanding of a productions specific needs alongside their outstanding knowledge of commercial finance.


Efficient collections and disbursements of revenues are essential to any production, our access to custodian / escrow inter-bank rates are key to our ability to reduce cross border transaction charges, increasing margins and ensuring revenues arrive promptly.

Timely and transparent reporting allows up to the minute report access to collections reconciliation information using our secure client area.

Stakeholders, producers and financiers all have the security and knowledge that their disbursements are handled correctly in accordance with their CAM agreements.

UK, Hungary, France, Spain, Poland, Dubai & Canada.


Copyright protection worldwide has seen somewhat of a graduation of recent years as technology to track and trace IP infringement improves and media professionals are enabled by a greater understanding of the processes of collecting on those revenues lost due to piracy.

We manage an international syndicate of rights holders that have greater strength working together to combat piracy on a global scale, key associations with international law enforcement agencies provide a robust platform to engage with the most threatening of issues to the media ecosystem today.


Throughout the life cycle of any project, rights management is key. Our expert services aid productions from inception through to completion. Advising our clients on how to best manage their intellectual property rights exploitation is at the heart of our strategic approach to achieving the best for our clients, partners and stakeholders.