Pictured above here with Robert Croucher (Hatton & Berkeley) is Patrick Achache, the talented young tech entrepreneur who turned his hand to developing software that tackles digital piracy for the film and TV industries.

Since the rapid conversion of physical piracy on disc to digital downloading and streaming from independently owned websites, the influx of digital piracy has now reached endemic proportions. This seemingly faceless crime has endangered tens of thousands of jobs in the creative industries both in the UK and abroad, destabilising the business sector.


A major change in the way the UK judicial system handles Copyright Infringement gave rise to IPEC, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. This fast track process of dealing with issues such as patents, copyright or trademark disputes forms part of the Chancery Division of the High Court and is designed to elevate pressure on the High Court to handle such vast amounts of court claims.


The ultimate success of this new program can be measured within the halls of the film finance sector; as distributor confidence in the home entertainment market returns, minimum guarantees of sale increase and so do the committed volumes of private equity into film products. This practical, logical approach to sustainability outlines why multi pronged Anti-Piracy programs are not necessarily profitable in and of themselves. Their objectives are simple and their terms fair: stop piracy and return stability to the media ecosystem.


Our aim is to act as an ambassador for the many independent filmmakers and production houses that depend on revenues from theatrical feature film releases. Without real, sustained advocacy protecting and promoting British cinema, these careers will be lost, careers which sustain and support the industry as a whole. It is our hope that each illegal file sharing supplier might become an advocate of the program as we engage the public in a conversation about the fiscal and social consequences of digital piracy through targeted marketing, creating awareness of the issues facing the creative industries and the impact on the national economy as a whole.

The establishment of a dedicated UK LLP of which international rights holding clients are consolidating their efforts in the UK to achieve a new approach to tackling digital piracy, forms the first part of a major push in the UK to halt decades of digital piracy through trade associations with law enforcement and direct engagement with central government on current legislation.  The platform is equipped to help insure productions against commercial legal protection as well as commercial litigation costs.


Over the course of a two year period since late 2014, we have witnessed an increase in intellectual property theft online. This prompted those within the financial services sector of the media industry to create layers of protection against digital piracy.

Our strategy is straight forward and meets some pretty big problems head on, our partners program within an insured LLP, designed to not just engross rights holders into the wrapper, but to place that same wrapper within public government initiatives (all party parliamentary groups) as well as invested stakeholders in global law enforcement against piracy.

It is this strategy of education (within industry) and reprimand (vested interest in law enforcement) that allows our work to become self perpetuating, propagating further our insights and theories toward solving one of the largest economic threats faced by the creative economy.