Each client's project is seen as an opportunity to create a new business venture together. Our commitment to ensure that our clients projects are realised un-encumbered by overhead costs (third party fee's) resides at the core of our operations.  Hatton & Berkeley integrated products have given rise to a new generation of completion bonding, with a greater purview of the media financing and insuring landscape as a whole we are able to assist further than most.


Our services are designed to accommodate all major banks, studios, financiers and distributors. And are suitable for feature films & television programming.


Our products are vertically integrated into the full suite of Hatton & Berkeley services and increase value for our clients through a better understanding of their needs, we understand that a lifecycle of a project extends far beyond the final edit or release date.  Our products are developed with the entire lifecycle of a production in mind, we guide the way.


As standard we ask for a full market ready package and finance plan along with all associated assets, including; Script, Budget, Shooting Schedule, Day out of Days Cast Schedule, Cast/Crew Roster.
Once final intent is established and relevant personnel have met then a Completion Guarentee can be agreed.


Legal documentation is prepared in house and there is no additional cost to the Production associated with drafting the Completion Agreement. We will require at this stage proof of funds equal to the budget, full personnel list, (if not via Hatton & Berkeley) suitable production insurance policies, location agreements, and chain of title deed.


As standard we require daily updates and reporting of weekly costs, this ensures that we are able to be on hand with advice if we can see a production schedule failing at any point. The life cycle of a completion guarantee remains up until the productions is fully wrapped and post production is completed.