We believe that for every problem there is a solution, at H&B, accounting for every transaction from deployment through to secondary rights collection should be seamless.  Our in house specialist's have decades of industry experience and access to the most advanced tools available. It is H&B's vertically integrated approach that gives greater insight into Royalties Accounting.


Proactively and efficient financial management of your intellectual property rights should be at the top of a producers priorities, it is hard to fully grasp the importance of these procedures, H&B relieve the burden by providing an efficient solution.


Complex deal terms and associated financial models are hard to manage, H&B is flexible enough to adapt its processes to best suit your needs.  We endeavour to best understand your deal terms and as complex as they are enable the calculations and statement preparation to be as simple and as straight forward as possible.


Unifying data streams from various sources can be a daunting task, H&B systems and processes bring these together so you spend time on the job rather than chasing your data.


H&B royalties accounting and management systems adapt to various project needs, accurately controlling payments and receipts, whatever the revenue model. Our cost effective, streamlined royalties collection and accounting generates timely meaningful statements that are responsive to business needs, and are adaptable to industry change.


  • Royalties rates can be applied over an unlimited number of tiers, delineated by accumulated units or revenue.
  • Royalties rates can vary over time and over any attribute of a transaction (i.e. by product, territory, sales channel, etc.).
  • Advance payments can be generated and subsequently tracked and recouped in any number of ways.
  • Cross-collateralisation of advances across contracts, within contracts or within user-defined projects.
  • Guarantees are automatically tracked, with triggers for the payment of recoupable or non-recoupable shortfalls.
  • Reserves for returns or bad debt can be taken against royalties earnings and may vary by any transaction attribute.
  • Multi-currency capabilities allow revenue, cost and other data to be provided in one currency and processed in another, as well as payment amounts that can be expressed in any currency.