Industrial media & entertainment companies are entering a new period of value creation. The rapid spread of digital innovation will aid productivity and growth of the creative digital economy. Learn how here.

Digital Age

The media & entertainment industry is faced with a shifting landscape of adaptive distribution models, new tax treaties, advanced point of delivery technology and changes in consumer behaviour that moves as quickly as new technology advances.

We look at how technology influences distribution models, and the increasing use of video-on-demand in place of theatrical distribution.

Capabilities & Operations

We create a balance between horizontal scale and vertical specificity. Our approach is to create efficiency through simplifying overly complex mechanisms, reducing redundant systems and processes whilst constantly assessing organisational structure.

Our strategies include;

  • Differentiation of business models driving competitive advantage.
  • Scale and sustainability of operational growth.
  • Full view of operational competencies and the value chain from development finance to copyright protection.
  • End-to-end view of the media & entertainment business through greater technology.

For example, our telecoms and cloud services knowledge allows distributors to create safer environments for their content delivery with the ability to utilise our governance & rights management knowledge base. A vertically integrated business line with horizontal capability.

Digital Infrastructure

Before you start building applications for your organisation, you must take on the task of setting up the infrastructure, then integrating software stacks, collecting data, deploying data, and of course managing that data. We provide the staffing and talent to support your organisation.

As an example;

We have built cutting edge track and trace processes to ensure an industrial-strength, edge-to-cloud system that combined predictive analytics with 3-D models of physical distribution, that leverages all of the agile development practices that allow rights holders and law enforcement agencies to keep up with the proliferation of content without license.

This one example has taken years of refinement and consideration, creating a world-class end-to-end dynamic sales analysis and real time distribution modelling system combining multiple data feeds.

The future;

Our integration of production financing models into emerging SVOD and VOD platforms utilises the horizontal capability of our combined resources, providing a robust digital infrastructure for our clients.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Our collaborative approach at agile development utilises our networks and agents, this pragmatic approach to broadening our purview of a subject matter where a project initiation is pending allows us to greater understand limits, as well as goals. This methodology we apply to almost all of our work.

Our Channel Partner program is designed to work with clients whom are potential partners, by vertically integrating their systems we create stronger working mechanisms and broader networks.

Once a partner is certified they will have access to the group H&B Digital Global resources and knowledge base. This openness is key to our growth, enabling our clients to grow along side us.